Volunteers Needed:

Do you have an interest in Butte County history?
Do you have a few hours to spare?
We could use your help!

Some of the jobs we need help with are:

  • Data entry
  • Cleaning of historic books
  • Sorting and organizing of documents
  • Preparing archival storage of documents and maps
  • Expert input in determining preservation priorities
  • Collaboration in determining "Hot Topic" searches, cross-referencing of subjects
  • Moving help: packing these valuable items for a safe move to the new facility
  • Ongoing public assistance and maintenance of the archives

Whether you're interested in volunteering just once or twice, or on a regular basis, we have the perfect position for YOU! Please give us a call and bring your friends!

  • Melinda Rist
  • Hall of Records Archive Program Manager
  • 530-538-5276
  • archives@buttecounty.net


11.13.14 - Bus stop approach. 11.13.14 - Working on tilt up panels. 11.13.14 - Working on tilt up panels.
10.24.14 - New curb on Nelson Avenue.
10.24.14 - New curb on 2nd St.
10.24.14 - Forming in place for pouring tilt up walls.