Voting Information:
Provisional Voting at the Polling Place

California has a provisional voting process to handle voters whose eligibility to vote cannot be determined at the polling place. The precinct officer will provide the voter a provisional ballot and written instructions regarding the process. After voting and securing the ballot in the provisional ballot envelope the voter will be handed a Voter Receipt along with an explanation sheet of their rights as a provisional voter.  Twenty eight days after the election, the voter may use the receipt to call the Butte County Elections Office to find out whether their provisional ballot was counted, and if not, why.

Reasons for provisional voting
  • The voter’s name is not listed on the Roster of Voters at the precinct.
  • The voter has moved within the county but did not re-register to vote.
  • The voter whose name is listed on the Roster of Voters as receiving a Vote by Mail Ballot but, for whatever reason, is unable to surrender it.
  • The voter is listed on the Roster of Voters and is required to show proof of identification for being a First Time Federal Election Voter but is unable to show proof.